What you'll learn

  • Explore the president’s multiple roles: chief executive officer, senior personnel officer, and academic leader

  • Understand the relationship between the president and board of trustees

  • Examine the components of the fundraising process

  • Explore the importance of the culture and traditions of an institution

  • Consider the opportunity and challenges of social media in the president’s communications

  • Reflect on  the role of the president in strategy development

Course description

The Harvard Seminar for New Presidents provides a practical orientation to the presidency, familiarizing new presidents with the opportunities and hazards they will likely face and preparing them to respond to the multiple responsibilities that await in their new roles.

This seminar focuses on critical issues in the first months and years of the presidency, with intensive sessions that address a range of topics critical to the current context of higher education, including board governance, fundraising, academic leadership, strategic planning, and the public role of the presidency.


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