What you'll learn

  • Hands-on training on MSK US guided injections on cadaver joints including but not limited to intraarticular glenohumeral, hip, elbow, wrist, knee, foot and hand.

  •  Hands-on MSK US scanning of live models and patients with pathologies in small groups of 4 to 1  learners to instructors ration. 


  • Focused didactic lectures and scanning videos about how to scan each joint in detail.

  • Evidence-based, ultrasound-guided procedures and techniques. 

  •  Indications for MSK US in pediatrics and the relevant nuances in that population. 

  •  MSK US indications and techniques for nerve imaging. 

Course description

This is one of the few courses available which combines hands-on scanning of patients with real pathology with cadaver based joint injection training. This practical, hands-on course will cover through prerecorded scanning videos and lectures the most important aspects of MSK US, including step-by-step instructions for diagnostic ultrasound and guided procedures; those pre-course materials will be available for self-study and preparation for two weeks prior to the in person part of the course. The two-day, hands-on part of the course will include practice sessions with live models and patients and advanced procedural applications on cadaver joints.  Learners of all levels will receive individualized invaluable training on MSK US utilization and techniques in the upper and lower extremities as well as indications in pediatrics, physiatry and sport medicine. 


  • This accredited course is offered by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Hospital. This course is targeted to Rheumatologists, adults and pediatrics, Sport medicine, Physiatry Physicians, Anesthesia, Pain Medicine Specialist, Orthopedists with interest in diagnostic MSK US and procedure guidance, Nurse practitioners and physician assistants in rheumatology or orthopedic practices, Podiatrists, Primary care and family medicine with interest in MSK US.
  •  Contact ceprograms@hms.harvard.edu with questions. 


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