What you'll learn

  • Leading and managing in complex organizations, crisis management, optimizing quality and safety in health care

  • Capital budgeting including strategic planning, the basics of financial risk and return and incorporating risk into capital budgeting decisions

  • Leveraging executive decision-making tools and formal methods to assess health care plans in light of regulations and ever-changing needs in the market

  • Steps needed to foster creativity throughout a department or organization

  • How to apply each of these leadership capabilities to lead health care teams and projects to success

Course description

Global health care leaders must have expertise in leadership, health care finance and human resource management in order to maintain excellence in service and patient care. With the support of Sunway University and Sunway Medical Centre, the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Medical Education has developed the Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia program to ensure that emerging health care leaders in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific region have access to the world’s leading authorities in safety, quality, complex organizational management and health leadership.

Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia consists of three, four-day residential workshops (in Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia and Boston, Massachusetts, US), pre-recorded lectures and interactive webinars focused on relevant and complementary topics. This program is designed for clinicians and health care professionals who are interested in advancing their leadership skills or transitioning to an administrative, management or executive role within a hospital or health system.

Participants will be eligible for Associate Alumni status upon successful completion of the program. Early tuition and need-based tuition reductions may be available.

Course Outline

Strategic Management 

  • The concept of strategic management in health care
  • Developing a mission and vision statement and strategic management steps
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Positioning the hospital for quality

Hospital Organizational Structure 

  • Understanding US and other global organizational structures
  • Managing and leading in complex organizations
  • Teamwork in health care settings

Financial Management and Forecasting in Healthcare


  • The organizational structure and responsibilities of hospital cost centers
  • Department and individual cost centers
  • Cost center management, evaluation methods, the convergence of cost accounting, financial accounting, insurance 


Hospital Human Resource Management

  • Hospital strategic human resource management
  • Developing core values and human resource management
  • Understanding human resource management systems
  • Developing human resource incentives and control mechanisms

Hospital Information Technology

  • The implementation of hospital information management
  • HIT systems
  • HIT in process management
  • HIT in quality and safety
  • Security and privacy issues in HIT

Medical Services Quality Management and Improvement

  • Quality of medical services management
  • Performance tracking and incentives
  • Healthcare quality management methods and common tools
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management


Clinical Director of Transplant Surgery Physician Lead, Transplant QAPI, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Vice President of Strategy and Operational Excellence, Legacy Lifecare

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