What you'll learn

  • Examine your leadership practices through the lenses of school culture, equity, social-emotional learning, family and community engagement, and strategy

  • Learn new frameworks and best practices for leading your school and managing complex, competing initiatives

  • Collaborate with experienced program facilitators and a supportive peer network to implement strategies that will ensure equity and success for all students

  • Establish communities of practice to discuss challenges and opportunities in reopening schools

Course description

We are living in a time of disruptions that have had a tremendous impact on educators, students, and families around the world. Many of our beliefs and assumptions about school and our role as school leaders have been challenged, and yet our communities still look to us to guide them forward. The challenges for school principals are unprecedented and require a new approach to the work of leading schools.

Working in small groups and supported by HGSE faculty and experienced facilitators, Navigating Complexity: A Leadership Program for Principals will engage participants in collaborative activities designed to strengthen their leadership skills around learning themes critical to successful school leadership. Topics will include: equity, social-emotional learning, family and community engagement, school culture, and strategy. By the end of the program, participants will have confidence in their leadership skills and decision-making abilities, along with the support of a lasting peer community