What you'll learn

  • Enjoy a highly interactive learning experience from faculty who have both practical and theoretical knowledge of negotiations illuminate theory.

  • Experience a role-playing component featuring one-on-one and multi-party simulations which enables you to immediately apply the lessons learned. 

Course description

Negotiation Strategies also makes extensive use of the case study method pioneered at Harvard. You will study real-world situations that mirror the kind of negotiations you face every day. Through analysis of the experience as well as interactive discussions about the critical choices made by key players along the way, you'll gain valuable insights, training and practice in making challenging leadership decisions about actual situations.

Course Outline

Shaping the agenda for strategic action in the face of resistance and uncertainty

Cultivating relationships in order to build coalitions and make effective deals

Exploiting leverage points in rules, prior commitments and obligations to influence perceptions and alternatives

Mapping influential players to anticipate barriers to and opportunities for negotiated agreements

Framing persuasive arguments and alternatives in order to create added value

Shifting the balance of forces within and across organizations to build momentum

Initiating strategic moves at and away from the table to change the dynamic

Assessing negotiation outcomes with a view to improving future performance


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2 weeks long
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