Course description

This course is designed to provide practical skills for actively engaging in real estate investment. Students gain a working knowledge of the major components of the real estate industry, the mechanics of undertaking projects, the skills to develop financial models for investments, and an understanding of how firms obtain capital for their projects. From small scale entrepreneurs to large scale investment companies, students achieve several learning objectives. They discover the various asset classes within the real estate industry and study the broad market cycles which lead to investment opportunities; develop the technical skills for creating financial models, analyzing cash flows, and measuring economic returns of real estate investments in Microsoft Excel; explore how to raise capital for real estate investments through debt and equity partnerships; learn the practical steps for putting together and operating real estate investment projects with an eye toward balancing or mitigating risk; and gain practical decision-making experience by working through case studies of real world investment situations. (4 credits)

Prerequisite(s): Proof of English proficiency is required of students whose native language is not English.