What you'll learn

  • Political management

  • Building organizational capacity

  • Policy development

  • Organizational performance

  • Negotiation

Course description

In this executive program, you will join renowned Harvard faculty and expert practitioners in government, law, education, and business for a robust two-week program to build the core executive leadership skills you need to address the challenges of a large organization. You'll deepen your ability to think broadly, sharpen critical skill sets, and gain the tools necessary to address a range of complex global challenges.

Course Outline

Policy development: Structuring a decision-making process that draws on knowledge from all parts of an organization and designing policies to optimize implementation

Political strategy: Mobilizing the support of key parties in an environment of shared responsibility to build support for a policy

Performance management: Defining, assessing, and improving organizational performance

Negotiation: Creating win-win outcomes, resolving differences, and breaking stalemates

Leadership: Evaluating and improving leadership styles, including leadership in crisis situations


Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy

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3 weeks long
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