What you'll learn

  • Review standards and protocols designed to reduce malpractice suits by improving the quality of care and service provided over the telephone in office-based practice
  • Identify the areas of greatest risk in patient care
  • Identify the key elements in providing the highest quality of telephone medicine
  • Review the distinction between telephone medicine, telehealth, tele-medicine, and direct-to-consumer telemedicine
  • Describe practical tips for practitioners in non-face-to-face encounters with patients

Course description

This HMS CME Online course is targeted to Primary Care Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Liability Insurance Carriers. This course may also be of interest to physicians who practice in Critical Care and Trauma, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

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Course outline

  • The Telephone in Clinical Medicine: An Instrument of Risk and Opportunity:

    Chapter 1: Instruments of Opportunity and Risk
    Chapter 2: What Makes a High Quality Telephone Care System?
    Chapter 3: Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Telephone Care
    Chapter 4: Summing It Up: Practical Tips

    CME Posttest

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