What you'll learn

  • Causes of Depression

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Options

  • Information about Medications 

  • Psychotherapy, Brain Stimulation, and Nerve Stimulation

  • Self-Care and Alternative Treatments

  • Strategies for Success

Course description

Learn all about the new and improved treatments to help dispel the darkness of depression that can help lighten your mood and help you feel more like yourself again!



Course Outline

This Online Course helps you understand depression...walks you through a proper diagnosis...explains the diagnostic process...gives you a detailed look at medication and therapy options...and offers mood-lifting, self-care treatments.

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This conference, with renowned faculty from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and from around the world, will bring you the latest information in the field and help you develop strategies that will lead to better ways to diagnose patients.

$425 - $575
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Starts Sep 8