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We all have had experiences where we find ourselves in the company of a master negotiator. You most likely can name someone you admire, someone whose abilities you wish you had. These individuals seem to know how to turn a hopeless situation into an amazing agreement. You may think they were born that way but this is rarely true. In order to be a master negotiator, you must be a master of both the science and the art. You need to have a deep understanding of the basics as well as keen insight into when to create and when to claim value, how to structure a negotiation, and how to address barriers. You should be able to be a master architect in designing your negotiation, long before you ever get to the table. It is imperative that you understand how to bring in new elements, partners, and processes that make up your negotiation campaign. Finally, the proof of your mastery of the science and your entrĂˆe into the art is when you are faced with a truly complex situation and understand how to put the science of strategy and experience into action. Becoming a master negotiator requires a solid foundation in negotiation concepts; the ability to structure and execute complex negotiations strategically; experience, but an ongoing desire to learn and grow; expertise in set up and design, agility and flexibility; empathy, sensitivity, and creativity; multidimensional thinking and planning; crisis leadership skills; system 2 thinking; and constant mindful practice. This highly interactive course delves into the strategic system 2 thinking and planning that drive success in multiple arenas including multiparty negotiations, international coalitions, and multiphase situations. We explore impossible situations, deadlocked conflicts, and interpersonal, organizational, and international disputes and learn the skills required to address these scenarios. You develop more sophisticated negotiating skills, learn how to avoid the most serious pitfalls, and emerge prepared to conduct a wider range of complex negotiations and resolve conflicts with confidence.


  • Director of Informatics, Institutes of Energy and the Environment, and Instructor of Risk Management, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University
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