What you'll learn

  • Recognize the full range of diagnostic approaches to cytological and small tissue samples from all body sites.

  • Evaluate current and potential applications of automated screening, liquid-based preparation methods, flow cytometry and molecular testing.

  • Assess the impact of new technologies on cytology practice.

  • Apply current standards for the evaluation and work-up of cytology and small tissue samples for diagnosis, prognosis and targeted therapy. 

  • Summarize the new standardized terminology and reporting systems for gynecological, pancreaticobiliary, thyroid, salivary gland and urinary cytological specimens.

  • Identify diagnostic pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Course description

The scope of cytopathology practice has grown increasingly complex in recent years with, for example, exposure to specimen types not previously sampled using cytologic methods and the introduction of new techniques such as endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration. Larger needles used in these procedures are procuring small tissue biopsies that provide material for advanced ancillary studies that are now under the purview of the diagnostic cytopathologist. "Advances in Cytology and Small Biopsies" will provide pathologists and cytotechnologists with a comprehensive overview of and update on diagnostic pathology utilizing a combination of cytology and small biopsy specimens. The emphasis will be on the role of the cytopathologist as a multifaceted pathologist combining light microscopic criteria with ancillary testing, including immunocytochemistry, biochemical testing and genetic analysis as they apply to diagnosis, prognosis and targeted therapy. Advances in automation and standardized terminology reporting will also be presented. The lecture format of our course is supplemented by question and answer sessions. The session at the end of each day will be an educational virtual microscopy case-based presentation focused complimentary topics and quality assurance issues applicable to all aspects of cytopathology. A syllabus of the talks will be provided in an electronic format.  

  • This accredited course is offered by Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. This course is targeted toSpecialty PhysiciansPrimary, Care Physicians and Cytotechnologists. 

  • .Contact ceprograms@hms.harvard.edu with questions. 


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