What you'll learn

  • Identify the actual communication partner in the courtroom setting 

  • Utilize vivid metaphors and accessible visuals in testimony 

  • Outline elements and characteristics that define an expert witness as credible by jurors 

  • Define the unique needs of all courtroom stakeholders 

  • Summarize the relational dynamics between stakeholders 

  • Develop specific strategies for regulating one's emotional response in the courtroom in order to remain unbiased in testimony  

Course description

The goal of this course is for participants to identify and develop new skills to address the areas where the needs and expectations of the courtroom collide with the communication habits clinicians have developed over years of academic and professional training. Topics include shifting one's mindset from academic teaching to juror-focused relational communication, using clear language and vivid visuals, understanding the needs of various courtroom stakeholders, establishing credibility and regulating one's own emotions during testimony. Participants will gain key insights to answer the central question: “Does the answer I am about to give help these specific jurors with their difficult intellectual task of deciding the case?” 

This accredited course is offered by Cambridge Health Alliance. This course is targeted to Neuropsychologists/Psychologists, Specialty Physicians, Primary Care Physicians and Social Workers.

Contact ceprograms@hms.harvard.edu with questions. 

*Register before January 16, 2023 to receive the discounted price. 

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