What you'll learn

  • Understand the modern data science landscape and technical terminology for a data-driven world
  • Recognize major concepts and tools in the field of data science and determine where they can be appropriately applied
  • Appreciate the importance of curating, organizing, and wrangling data
  • Explain uncertainty, causality, and data quality—and the ways they relate to each other
  • Predict the consequences of data use and misuse and know when more data may be needed or when to change approaches

Course description

Are you prepared for our data-driven world? 

Data science is at the core of modern business, from healthcare to government to advertising. Data Science Principles makes the fundamental topics in data science approachable and relevant by using real-world examples and prompts you to think critically about applying these new understandings to your workplace. Get an overview of data science with a code- and math-free introduction to prediction, causality, data wrangling, privacy, and ethics. 

Geared toward managers, Data Science Principles prepares you to speak the language of data science and contribute to data-oriented discussions within your company and daily life. This isn’t a course for data scientists—it’s for everyone around them.


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