What you'll learn

  • Learn to align teams around a common mission.

  • Develop writing habits to engage readers of your emails, proposals, blog posts, and all types of internal communications.

  • Simplify and clarify complex messages to gain traction with broad audiences – both external and internal.

  • Learn virtual presentation tips to impress and engage remote viewers and build a three-part story structure to create more effective presentations.

  • Turn data into irresistible stories.

  • Identify new methods to persuade others to act on your ideas.

Course description

Any leader can have the greatest idea in the world—but the truly transformative leaders have sharpened the rare ability to persuade others to act on those ideas. In this exclusive online course, international bestselling author and communication coach, Carmine Gallo, will show you how to leverage advanced communication skills to stand out and get ahead in any field. Based on Carmine’s book, The Bezos Blueprint, as well as Talk Like TED and his popular books on Steve Jobs, this online course will provide the tools and techniques to transform your team, company, or career.

The hybrid workplace requires that leaders communicate effectively across channels, geographies, and time zones. While communication is the heart of leadership, strategy, and mission-driven success, keeping teams aligned and motivated has become more difficult—and more critical. This online course will offer practical insights and valuable lessons that business professionals can put into action right away.

Carmine Gallo has written ten books on leadership and communication skills. This course will incorporate new findings from his upcoming book, The Bezos Blueprint: Communication Secrets of the World’s Greatest Salesman. Carmine’s book is the first to examine the writing and communication strategies that Jeff Bezos pioneered at Amazon: techniques that fueled the company’s astonishing growth. Former Amazonians who worked directly with Bezos leveraged these communication tools as blueprints for leadership when they started their own companies. In addition, Carmine will introduce ideas from his other bestsellers: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Talk Like TED, and The Storyteller’s Secret, among others.

Future-proof your career by reimagining the way you write, speak, present, and sell your ideas. This online course includes a scheduled private one-on-one consultation via phone or remote video with the instructors following the program dates. 


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