What you'll learn

  • How leaders, authorizers, and constituents at all levels of an organization experience change

  • How to communicate effectively and build consensus for your organization’s change agenda

  • How enacted beliefs can diverge from espoused beliefs 

  • How to create greater alignment between your organization’s mission and its daily actions

  • How to develop benchmarks leading toward excellence so you can continuously evaluate effectiveness

Course description

Change is a complex process, requiring leaders who understand its stages and ways to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities to achieve outcomes.

In this module, you will examine research and best practices related to the school change process, exploring how effective change management strategies can be used to generate support and momentum at all levels of an organization. From setting benchmarks to communicating more effectively, you will gain tools to build goodwill and keep all constituents moving toward a common mission.

The Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL) provides education leaders with the skills to create transformational, system-level change. Completion of this module can be applied towards the CAEL certificate.


Former professor of practice at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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