What you'll learn

  • Gain knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes and their application in real-world situations

  • Examine mediation principles in theory and practice

  • Review and experience the various stages of the mediation process

  • Explore caucus theories and the role of attorneys

  • Learn how to build value and relationships through the mediation process

  • Enhance parties’ ability to work toward an agreement by helping them identify their underlying interests and move from positions to interest-based negotiating

Course description

The most trusted mediators help parties resolve disputes effectively, discreetly, and, pro-actively. Increasingly, people are turning to mediation to achieve sustainable resolutions, settle disputes more rapidly and control legal costs. By building up their mediation expertise, lawyers, judges, leaders and managers from a range of industries are well positioned to advance better ways of dealing with conflict. Add this essential skillset to your practice by joining us at Harvard Law School for the new Harvard Mediation Intensive.

For forty years now, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School has trained thousands of mediators, negotiators, and other professionals, including participants from the United States, Canada, and over 50 other countries. Led by mediation experts Audrey Lee and Alain Lempereur, the Harvard Mediation Intensive delves into mediation principles and processes through interactive presentations and hands-on exercises. From employment and business disagreements to public and international conflicts, you will discover effective ways to enable parties to settle their differences across a variety of contexts.

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