What you'll learn

  • Find out the types of information it’s normal to forget and learn about red-flag symptoms that may merit seeing your doctor

  • Learn dozens of proven strategies that help you overcome common memory lapses 

  • 7 specific strategies to improve your memory

  • The difference between short-term and long-term memory

Course description

Now you can protect and even improve your memory as you age with Improving Memory, the online course from the experts at Harvard Medical School. One of the most common fears we all have as we grow older is losing our memory. In this fascinating course you’ll get tools and techniques to protect your memory as well as 7 specific strategies to improve your memory.

You’ll discover that while our memories change as we age most “senior moments” we experience are normal and not signs of dementia. This entertaining, interactive course from experts at Harvard Medical School brings you the latest information on mind and memory.

With slides, quizzes, games and lively instruction you’ll learn how your memory works, the difference between short-term and long-term memory, how to increase your focus, why it can be difficult to recall certain types of information, and proven strategies for improving your memory no matter what your age.

Course Outline

Getting Started

How your memory works

Tools to enhance your memory

Strategies for improving your memory

Bonus interview: Dr. Kirk Daffner, Harvard Medical School
Points to remember  

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