What you'll learn

  • Understand the applied science of effective decision making.
  • Discover how our brains are not wired to deal with the decisions that modern financial markets require and ways to adjust for these shortcomings.
  • Learn how and why financial bubbles develop and strategies for recognizing them.
  • Identify the psychological reasons that lead investors to make severe investment errors.

Course description

Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance is a fascinating executive program that presents the science behind investment decision making.

The program will open with a networking dinner, followed by two days of classroom sessions that include thought-provoking discussions and interactive learning exercises with leading behavioral finance professionals and academics.

Course outline

  • Behavioral insights into financial markets
  • Crash beliefs from investor surveys
  • Global outlook, debt cycles and monetary policy
  • The challenges and opportunities of the aging investor
  • Gender retirement gaps
  • Big data, smart beta and other things investors fear
  • Methods to improve decisions


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