What you'll learn

  • Family business fundamentals

  • Professionalizing the family business

  • Creating and evolving the family office

  • Managing the legacy

  • Choosing your path

Course description

This program focuses specifically on the choices facing the rising generation in the context of a successful family enterprise. Some members of the new generation will decide to pursue leadership roles in managing the family business or family wealth while others will find a different path, but all will benefit from a holistic exploration of their connection to the family enterprise. In a program that places all options on the table—and explores many of the topics that families avoid talking about—you will gain a new ability to carry the weight of generations with grace while taking full advantage of the unique opportunities presented to you.

Rather than immersing you in the details of family business management or wealth management, this program engages you in a broad exploration of the rising generation's future. It focuses on the key challenges involved with taking over a family enterprise, along with the critical tensions facing you as a member of the rising generation. Away from your family and its embedded assumptions, you will gain a better understanding of your options and personal goals while discovering how others have navigated critical decisions. Learning alongside a select group of generational peers, you will crystallize priorities and develop a plan of action to guide the next phase of your life and career—and the next phase of the business.

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4 days long
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Starts Mar 5