What you'll learn

  • A deep discussion of issues, such as creating and claiming value, understanding the relationship between leadership and authority, exercising influence and managing the individual and institutional dynamics of change

  • An exploration of a wide range of leadership strategies and new ways of exercising leadership, whether in a position of authority or just one member of a group

  • A look at the dangers and risks associated with exercising leadership—the chaos and conflict—and how you can build up your capacity to navigate unpredictable waters

Course description

Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage is a one-week executive program led by Lecturer Tim O'Brien, a leadership and adult development specialist.

What makes this program unique is that you get exposed to key leadership concepts in the moment. The dynamic classroom setting forces you to confront some of the very same conditions that make leadership—and being a leader—so challenging in the public sphere.


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