What you'll learn

  • This program includes important updates, new best practices and state-of-the-art approaches to enhance and accelerate recovery.

  • This program includes strategies, best practices and cutting-edge approaches to help foster quality of life.

  • This program offers attendees the opportunity to learn about the future of treatment options and how and when they will impact patient outcomes.

  • This program will deepen attendees' knowledge and enhance their decisions concerning neurorehabilitation options.

  • See the course registration page for a full list of topics covered.

Course description

Patients with stroke, SCI, TBI, brain tumors and functional and degenerative neurological diseases face significant disruption to so many facets of their lives and clinicians are left with so many treatment dimensions to consider, that rehabilitation is never simple. These challenges are compounded by the fact that rehabilitation approaches are now in a period of rapid expansion. It’s difficult to stay current with, choose and use the best options for neurorehabilitation—yet this is key to optimizing patient outcomes.

It’s with these challenges in mind that we present NeuroRehabilitation 2023. Many of the country’s most experienced and committed neurorehabilitation experts provide updates and strategies for state-of-the-art clinical interventions. Education is comprehensive and practical. As a participant in the distance learning program, you can rely on this course for:

-Comprehensive updates

-Education to further your expertise in guiding patients to their maximum level of function

-Evidence-based approaches to challenging and complex cases

-Take-home tools

-A learning experience to heighten your success in effectively and efficiently helping your patients gain the skills that will improve their health, function and quality of life

This is an accredited, livestreamed course offered by Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital. This course is targeted to physican's and alllied health professionals as well as mental and other health professionals.

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