What you'll learn

  • This program will provide you an opportunity gain a better understanding of effective communication, as well as reflect on the role of communication in the larger policy landscape.

Course description

In Persuasive Communication: Narrative, Evidence, and Impact (Online) you will experience hands-on learning with the latest research in persuasive communication. Throughout the three-week program, you will join peers from around the globe to participate in live sessions led by Harvard faculty complemented with self-paced assignments and group work that can be scheduled at times convenient for you. Overall time commitment is approximately 8-10 hours per week. 


Course outline

  • Participate in a knowledge-building and practice-oriented curriculum.
  • Write, and receive feedback on, an opinion piece.
  • Develop and deliver a presentation using evidence effectively.
  • Improve data visualization skills.
  • Learn how to craft robust arguments.
  • Understand the current state of the media, its interplay with policymaking, and costs of disinformation.
  • Grow your professional network and career opportunities.


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