What you'll learn

  • Understand the impact of a positive company culture on employee satisfaction

  • Evaluate methods for developing and integrating practices based in positive psychology to boost employee engagement

  • Apply skills in team communication, collaboration, and conflict management

  • Create a Manager’s “Team Maximizer” Toolkit that will include strategies to build team communication as well as improve Manager-Employee collaboration

Course description

When workers truly enjoy their work, their commitment to the company improves, attrition decreases, and productivity increases. This creates the upward spiral of positivity where employees are happier because they feel valued and respected. This translates into better mental health, as well as increased productivity and corporate profitability.

This intensive program will provide managers with the strategies and tools to increase workplace productivity by both improving employee satisfaction and reducing friction during times of workplace stress. Managers will learn how to integrate scientifically validated methods into their current workplace to enhance business results.

With an emphasis on research in the field of positive psychology, this program engages participants in a series of case studies and class-based activities to demonstrate the integration of this science into organizational management.

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