What you'll learn

  • Evaluate recent developments in psychopharmacology and their impact on patient care.

  • Develop strategies to care for patients suffering from bipolar and psychotic disorders, depression and anxiety disorders, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, substance use disorders, PTSD, OCD, and sleep disorders.


  • Outline and address the mental health needs of the Black and other marginalized communities.

  • Assess suicidal patients and engage more effectively with them. 


  • Discuss risks and benefits of psychiatric medications with women who are pregnant.


  • Diagnose common problems in geriatric psychiatry and implement state-of-the-art interventions.

Course description

Numerous aspects will be covered, including recent advances in psychopharmacology, psychosocial treatments, and assessment of psychiatric patients. A wide range of diagnoses and populations will be covered, including mood and anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, disorders of late life, sleep problems, psychotic disorders, and borderline personality disorder. 

Our widely acclaimed faculty features internationally renowned speakers as well as expert clinicians in specialized practices. They will decisively review and synthesize recent advances in psychiatry in an easy-to-understand manner, and help clinicians apply these evidence-based treatments to current circumstances. Panel presentations, Q&A sessions, and other engaging learning formats will be used to assist the learners in developing new strategies they can apply in their practice settings.

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