What you'll learn

  • Political management
  • Authentic leadership
  • Foundations of authority
  • Policy development
  • Strategy and performance
  • Decision making and much more

Course description

Faculty Chair Dana Born, along with teaching and learning experts at Harvard, have developed the Senior Executive Fellows curriculum to focus on preparing top managers to become future leaders.

The four-week program will focus on key themes critical to effective leadership in the U.S. federal government, international governments, as well as their counterparts in the military, private, and nonprofit sectors. 

Course outline



  • Faculty Consultation Sessions

    Optional Group meetings with the faculty to discuss questions and issues

  • Faculty Office Hours 

    Individual appointments with Faculty Chair Dana Born to discuss professional and personal development

  • Leadership Challenge

    Individual challenge that participants are currently facing in their work and would like to make progress on during the program

  • Peer Group Working Sessions

    Pre-assigned working groups designed to engage deeper with your peers to prepare and reflect on the course material and provide consultation on your leadership challenge

  • Self-Study Modules

    Self-paced learning opportunities that focus on the key themes of the program

  • Affinity Groups

    Optional Opportunities for participants to exchange ideas or engage deeper on topics of professional interest nominated by the cohort


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