What you'll learn

  • Analyze curricular materials related to Climate Action (SD Goal #13)  to frame and inform the curriculum for your learners.

  • Explore “signature pedagogies” in climate change education and learn how exemplary teachers design signature learning experiences for their students.

  • Review research on effective approaches to climate change education.


  • Understand the power of a school-wide strategy for climate action, addressing curriculum, teacher development and operations.

  • Receive feedback on your current challenges through Think Tank’s Consultancy—a protocol that facilitates reflection, peer coaching, and the application of new ideas from the institute.

Course description

Learn to foster global competence in your school using a proven framework and tactics for organizational change.

When it comes to climate change, young people around the globe have employed both leadership and passion to propose and demand solutions from the adults in charge. Yet with the support of educators like us, we can empower these young people to be even more engaged and effective in this work. What can we do to better equip our students with the knowledge to deeply understand climate change, so they can help to develop climate solutions? How can we embed climate change across subjects and disciplines to foster deep knowledge of the topic among young people? How can we help our youth become better communicators — and better advocates for climate action?

The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s 2023 Think Tank on Global Education invites educators to learn to develop and deliver powerful instruction aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, an inclusive and sustainable vision of a better future for humanity. Reimagining Our Futures Together: A Social Contract for Education, the recent report by UNESCO’s Commission on the Futures of Education, underscores the urgency of reimagining education so that students engage with a curriculum that is authentic, relevant, and meaningful.

The 2023 Think Tank on Global Education will help you and your students gain the competencies to understand and address some of the most pressing challenges of our time and to participate in building a more inclusive and sustainable future.

The Think Tank is chaired by Professor Fernando M. Reimers, a leading scholar of global citizenship education and a member of UNESCO’s Commission on the Futures of Education, as well as the architect of several ambitious curricula aligned with the SDGs.


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