What you'll learn

  • Public policy in America

  • The dynamics of American politics

  • The inner workings of the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government

  • The forces in American politics that shift the political landscape

  • How early American politics informed the U.S. Constitution

About this series

What are the foundations of the U.S. political system? How do leading institutions such as the presidency and Congress operate? Where do public opinion, political parties, groups, and the media fit in? What explains America’s economic, social, and foreign policies? If exploring these questions interests you, then this series is for you.

You’ll examine the American political system, including its constitutional foundations and public policies. You’ll learn about U.S. institutions and U.S. political organizations while maintaining a perspective on the "big picture". What are the driving forces and persistent tendencies of American politics? Who governs America — how, when and why? Lectures highlight the main features of American politics and case studies will prompt you to think critically about what you have learned.

American politics has all the aspects of drama, but it has real meaning for people’s everyday lives. This introduction to the U.S. government will enable you to understand the origin of key narratives in U.S. political discourse and guide you through a complex system so that you can enable change in your communities.

This series includes