What you'll learn

  • Learn to apply an agile framework to develop and guide your teams through prototyping, assessing, and reprioritizing
  • Empower self-directed teams toward increased flexibility, cross-functional collaboration, and shorter project cycles
  • Develop leadership skills that will enhance your ability to simultaneously provide the support and the flexibility that agile teams require
  • Understand and promote the benefits of cross-functional collaboration across multiple project-based teams
  • Explore how to scale agile across your entire organization
  • Apply the best practices of leaders successfully working as change agents within the agile methodology

Course description

In a world transformed by globalization, disruptive change, and 24×7 connectivity, leaders need to move their organizations forward, more quickly than ever. Longer planning horizons are being replaced by rapid prototyping of products, services, and business models. These speed-to-market skills are needed now, in today’s highly complex environment.

This program offers practical, in-depth insights into the principles of agile leadership, and guides participants on how to adapt them to your organization. You will learn how to enhance your organization’s effectiveness and profitability by developing shorter project cycles with more frequent deliverables and product updates. You will explore the benefits—and challenges—of creating and empowering flexible and self-directed agile teams. Whether you are planning for wide-scale change or have specific targeted goals, becoming an agile leader will transform how you approach strategy, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.


  • Founder and president of Creative Business Breakthroughs
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