What you'll learn

  • Building a platform business
  • Managing challenges in a platform business
  • Engaging with platforms
  • Discovering new frontiers in platform technologies and markets

Course description

Without exception, the most valuable companies in the world today are platforms: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and many other firms have built their fortunes by facilitating innovation across global ecosystems or enabling the broad exchange of goods and services. There are different paths to success in the digital world, whether a company wants to compete as a new platform or to leverage an existing platform for competitive advantage. This program will show you how to create sustainable value whether you are competing as, with, or against digital platforms.

For business leaders, platforms present enormous opportunities but also pose serious risks. Competing in what have been called “multi-sided markets driven by network effects” is often akin to playing three-dimensional chess. By examining the essential strategic insights of platform businesses and markets, this program will help you maximize the value and minimize the costs of creating, managing, or engaging with platforms.

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