Course description

Self-awareness is essential on your path to authentic leadership. This course uses a variety of self-assessment tools, readings, and discussions to help us understand work styles and preferences, strengths and goals, and how those factors contribute to the type of leader we want to be. It is increasingly important for people to have a clear idea of who they are and their purpose in life in order to navigate their work-life and become confident and inspiring leaders. Authenticity is about the true self; having clarity about and acting based on one's deepest interests, values, and motivations, and most importantly how we can bring our authentic selves into all corners of our lives. Students apply what they have learned from the course to their personal development through in-depth self-exploration. Students also use peer coaching which allows them to explore areas of growth, as well as to develop this important skill set. The course aims to promote skills for students to understand and develop authenticity in themselves. For complete and current details about this Harvard Extension course, see the description in the DCE Course Search.


  • assistant dean for professional education at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
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