What you'll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of design thinking and how it can create great customer and employee experiences
  • Solve complex challenges using proven design-thinking frameworks
  • Combine design-thinking processes with analytical tools
  • Improve collaboration across functions, working better across departments
  • Understand approaches to building design thinking into your organization and changing the culture

Course description

Design thinking has emerged as a powerful new problem-solving approach. It’s used in public, private, and nonprofit sectors for solving tomorrow’s user problems, fueling growth, and delivering a unique customer experience. Southwest Airlines, United Healthcare, and Audi are among the market leaders who have sustained growth through human-centered design. But any organization can embed this new approach to innovation into its cultures and processes.

This workshop gives professionals practical tools for applying design thinking principles within their organizations. Learn how to identify hidden customer needs and improve the customer experience through user research, journey mapping, and rapid prototyping.

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