What you'll learn

  • Understanding the role of finance in supporting the functional areas of a firm

  • Employing tools, techniques, and principles of corporate finance

  • Establishing and monitoring performance and compensation

  • Working with capital markets and financial institutions

  • Mastering the theory and best practices related to growth, profit, and investors

Course description

When you can speak the language of finance, you have the power to build stronger strategies, expand your influence, and make better business decisions. Finance for Senior Executives delivers a foundation in corporate finance that is essential for leaders across every functional area. Exploring the flow of financial resources, capital markets, and systems for financial management and control, this executive finance program positions you to drive new levels of profitability for your organization.

By examining corporate finance from both internal and external perspectives, this executive finance program provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of finance. You will build the skills and confidence to immediately apply financial analysis techniques, set realistic performance goals and compensation incentives, and play a bigger role in helping your company optimize its financial resources and strengthen its bottom line.

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Meet evolving regulatory requirements while ensuring that financial reporting, compliance, and risk management efforts align with strategy.

3 days long
Registration Deadline
Starts Jul 17