What you'll learn

  • Leading self

  • Creating an environment that unleashes human magic in support of the company's purpose

  • Defining a corporate purpose

  • Putting a noble purpose to work

  • Leading with purpose in a new era

Course description

In this program, you will prepare to become an authentic, purposeful leader who can step up to more challenging roles and lead effectively in this new era. You will develop new capabilities and learn new tools and approaches on how to orient your business around a noble, meaningful and credible purpose, set strategies that can help the chosen purpose come to life (addressing the needs of your company's varied stakeholders in the process), and create an environment that can unleash the potential of your organization. In parallel, the program will guide you in a profoundly personal exploration that builds your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, delving into the core of your experience to strengthen your capacities as a great purposeful, authentic human leader, not just a great business leader.

Through a combination of in-person and virtual learning, this program explores key challenges leaders confront as they seek to pursue a purpose-driven strategy, leveraging lessons from leading CEOs and companies. As you dig deeply into what it means for executives to lead effectively in today's business environment, you will discover how to move purpose from words on a page and planning sessions to reality, by reflecting the purpose across day-to-day operations and creating an environment that can result in surprisingly strong performance.

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