What you'll learn

  • The ABCs of diabetes control: Learn about practical, everyday-useful advice to help bring down A1C blood sugar levels…and keep your Blood pressure and Cholesterol at healthy levels.
  • Weight loss tips, including the latest research-backed strategies: Learn about smart ways to cut calories…easy “rule of thumb” tips for portion control…proven ways to keep weight off from 10,000 “successful losers”…and more—including medications and surgical options. PLUS: Discover how weight loss can even lead to remission of Type 2 diabetes!
  • Healthy eating plans: Discover the pros and cons of low-fat and low-carb eating plans…how to easily adapt a Mediterranean diet to your liking…how to enjoy the benefits of vegetarian and vegan eating plans…and much more
  • Smart nutritional secrets: Find out about the clever secrets to help prevent blood sugar spikes…the truth about artificial sweeteners…plus “eat this, not that” food swaps to help you enjoy heart-healthy carbs, good fats, and better proteins.
  • Dozens of luscious recipes that make healthy eating pure joy: You’ll love these easy-to-print recipes for lunch and dinner entrees…salads and side dishes…snacks and sauces…breakfast foods…and satisfying sweet desserts!
  • Lifestyle strategies to help manage diabetes including easy ways to make healthy exercise a part of your life…how to quit smoking and help avoid diabetes complications…and how to enhance your sleep quality to help reduce insulin sensitivity.

Course description

Step-by-step, this easy-to-follow Course helps you better understand Type 2 Diabetes and shows how you can help control it with easy-to-apply lifestyle changes.

Luscious recipes, breakthrough nutritional advice, engaging videos, helpful charts and a variety of easy-to-use tools clearly answer your questions. Best of all, these potent tools come straight from the medical experts at Harvard Medical School. Through our interactive features, videos, charts, and quizzes, you’ll learn it’s possible not just to LIVE with diabetes, but to live WELL.

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