What you'll learn

  • Leadership imperatives in the digital era

  • Succeeding on the path to digital maturity

  • Leading a digitally agile organization

  • Collaboration at scale and distributed leadership

  • Leading for success in the digital era

Course description

New digital technologies and data analytics are rapidly changing lives, work, and businesses. Though most of today's business leaders are neither digital natives nor technology experts, technology is critical to their ability to keep a business competitive and drive growth. They must be able to harness technology to build organizations that are agile, resilient, and sustainable. That imperative requires more than simply delegating to technical experts; it demands a new level of strategic engagement with technologically-enabled possibilities, a new level of collaboration, a new leadership model, and often a new organizational culture. In this program, you will benefit from cutting-edge research into companies around the globe undergoing digital transformation. You will discover what it takes to transform your organization to reap the full benefits of digital tools and data—and prepare to address some of today's most pressing challenges.

While the "why" of leadership has not changed, circumstances are transforming "how" you prepare your organization to compete today and in the future. As you analyze the leadership practices and organizational cultures that are helping today's leaders build stronger organizations, you will develop new approaches and skills that enable you to drive digital transformation and overcome obstacles to progress.

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