What you'll learn

  • Follow through on new goals using a proven process that facilitates implementation
  • Leverage the key metric of speed-to-completion by using a scalable framework
  • Consider and clarify familiar functional roles for each step of the framework
  • Master a management tool designed to empower problem-solving, triage strategic imperatives, and implement multiple dimensions of strategy

Course description

Regardless of industry or country, managers at all levels spend the majority of their time either solving problems or chasing opportunities. Yet, there is often no management model within organizations for appropriately addressing problems or for creating a competitive advantage. And there is certainly not one unified tool to address both.

This program teaches the SBA-R³O framework, a unique response to this problem statement. The framework, developed by instructor David A. Shore, is an eight-step practical methodology for problem solving, assessing opportunities, and managing change. It allows organizations to have a common understanding of the vital steps that should be taken to overcome a problem efficiently or to leverage an opportunity.

The framework focuses on the critical transitional time between the definition of strategic goals and the move to achieve those goals. Pausing at this “soak time” in the framework provides the space to ask the requisite hard questions, follow the evidence to the answers, and design the change you would like to see. It enables leaders to manage change, inspire followers, and facilitate optimal productivity.


  • Adjunct Professor of Organizational Development, Business School, University of Monterrey, Mexico
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