What you'll learn

  •  Preparing to Negotiate

  • Creating and Claiming Value

  • Managing Emotions in Negotiation

  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Course description

Empower yourself with proven negotiation skills, techniques, and strategies in Negotiation Essentials Online. This course features lessons distilled from PON’s flagship in-person program, Negotiation and Leadership).

Prepare yourself to negotiate, manage your emotions, create and claim value, and deal with difficult conversations through real-world case studies, simulations—with dynamic video-based lessons from PON’s renowned faculty.

Negotiation is a discipline, with its own concepts and skills to be practiced and mastered. At the Program on Negotiation, we like to say that great negotiators are not born, they’re made. Although negotiation skills are critical, both professionally and personally, they are not often taught in school or on the job.

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