What you'll learn

  • Drive enduring positive change in your organization
  • Develop a culture and operational processes that enable innovation
  • Improve return on investment in and value creation through change management
  • Launch the right initiatives at the right time and for the right reasons
  • Jumpstart your next change initiative with an action plan

Course description

Change initiatives are the vehicles by which strategy is delivered. They represent the most significant dimension in determining whether goals and objectives are achieved.

In this highly interactive two-day program, you’ll delve into the nature of change, why change is important, and why so many of these initiatives fail. Through a sequence of presentations, classroom exercises, cases, and group discussions, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the links between culture, change management, and innovation. With proven frameworks and tools for launching, leading, and realizing value from successful change initiatives, you’ll be able to contribute at a higher level to your organization’s performance and success.


  • Adjunct Professor of Organizational Development, Business School, University of Monterrey, Mexico
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