What you'll learn

  • The power of individual agency and leading teams

  • The value of crucibles, resilience, and learning from failure

  • Develop courage in relation to our greatest fears

  • Living our values and discovering our destiny in service to others

  • Finding your mission and developing your distinctive leadership style

  • Embracing mighty purpose and leading from your humanity

Course description

Today's organizations need men and women who can lead with courage and conviction through challenging times and toward worthy, positive change. Each session of this live online program will explore the tools, behaviors, insights, and self-awareness of iconic leaders, how they used these assets toward powerful ends, and how they brought those they led along in pursuit of their respective missions. You will leave the program with an array of actionable learning outcomes, including the development of your own personal leadership plan.

Ascending the Peak: Finding the Leader Within—Virtual is for mid-career professionals ready to advance their organization—and career—with greater purpose and focus. By concentrating on eight leaders throughout history and how each of these women and men made themselves better, you will gain inspiration to be your best self as you build a tool box of specific action-oriented behaviors and perspectives to help you get there. Through live engagement with renowned Harvard Business School faculty and feedback from a global community of fellow leaders, you'll acquire the insights and skills to enhance your leadership capabilities while making a real, positive difference in the world.

In each session, you'll explore the insights, behaviors, and formative experiences of an iconic leader, past or present. These individuals include: Ernest Shackleton, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Rachel Carson, Nelson Mandela, Katharine Graham, and Greta Thunberg. Course participants will then break into small Leadership Development Group (LDG) sessions to unpack the lessons learned in each session and to explore and share how they can be applied to their unique work context and to their larger leadership journey. Through the process, you will reflect on your own path as a leader and identify the steps you can take to navigate the next phase of your career with greater purpose and determination.

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