What you'll learn

  • Teaches the tricks, tips and tests for getting an accurate diagnosis
  •  Shares specialized steps for conditions ranging from bulging discs to compression fractures, strains and sprains, and spondylitis and spinal stenosis
  •  Reveals emerging treatment strategies, including the latest therapeutic and outpatient surgical options
  •  Educates you on the six best and safest medications to halt pain for hours
  • Provides options for alternative therapies, effective mindfulness techniques and exercises to strengthen your back and neck

Course description

In this online course from Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard faculty share the best practices, procedures and preventative steps to help you confidently determine how to best treat and defeat your back pain. This dynamic new course provides the essential and important facts on both common and rare back conditions and presents articulate and definitive instruction for addressing each one appropriately and effectively.

Get information you can use from a source you can trust. Learn from leading orthopaedists and experts where and when it’s convenient for you through downloadable charts, quizzes, video presentations, a resource library and more.

Course outline

  • Introduction

    Getting started

  • Back Pain 101
    • Back pain basics
    • Why is back pain so common?
    • Anatomy of the back
    • Types of back pain
    • Diagnosing back pain
  • Treatment of Back Pain
    • Back pain relief strategies
    • Creating a treatment plan
    • Medical treatment of back pain
    • Surgical options for treating back pain
  • Beyond Drugs and Surgery
    • Assessing your back pain
    • Options for treatment
    • Back strengthening exercises
    • Neck strengthening exercises
  • Bonus Interview: Harvard back specialist Dr. Jeffrey N. Katz
    • Understanding and treating back pain
  • Ending Back Pain

    Parting advice

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