What you'll learn

  • Managing and marketing talent
  • Responding to advances in digital technology
  • Making better investments in talent
  • Launching and managing creative products and portfolios
  • Allocating resources more strategically

Course description

Nowhere has the impact of digital technology been felt more keenly than in the entertainment world, where it has dramatically changed how products are developed and managed—and how talent connects with audiences. In this entertainment management course, you will uncover new approaches for driving revenue and success in today's entertainment environment. Through an up-close examination of why some creative businesses thrive while others fail to survive, you will learn when to make smaller versus blockbuster bets, the best way to capitalize on market disruptions, and how to establish long-term competitive advantage.

Emphasizing the obstacles facing entertainment industry decision-makers, this program will help you develop and execute more effective business strategies. You will debate and analyze the business and technology trends that are redefining the industry—from the viewpoints of the content producer, content reseller/aggregator, talent manager, and consumer—as you learn how to launch and manage creative products and portfolios more strategically.

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