What you'll learn

  • Guides you to incorporating basic lifestyle changes into your daily routine, including eating smart, easing stress, improving sleep and introducing moderate exercise
  • Explains “white coat” and masked hypertension phenomena
  • Offers an impartial, frank assessment of today’s expanded array of medications to help you make the safest and smartest choices to meet your goals

Course description

Nearly half of American adults are considered to have high blood pressure, with double the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as increased risk of kidney failure, loss of eyesight and even Alzheimer’s. In this online course from Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard faculty share strategies for addressing hypertension’s causes and show you how to use today’s advances to your greatest advantage.

This breakthrough learning package is complete with illuminating slides and videos, interactive quizzes, charts, worksheets and more. This course will set you on track for successful blood pressure management and renewed cardiovascular health for life.

Course outline

  • Introduction

    Welcome and course instructions

  • Hypertension 101
    • Time to take charge
    • Blood pressure basics
    • Types of high blood pressure
    • Risk factors for hypertension
    • How hypertension harms health
    • Diagnosing hypertension
  • Bonus Interview

    With hypertension expert Dr. Randall M. Zusman

  • Lifestyle changes
    • The first step in lowering blood pressure
    • Step 1. Change your diet
    • Step 2. Get active
    • Step 3. Attain a healthy weight
    • Step 4. Reduce stress
    • Step 5. Stop smoking
    • Step 6. Reduce your salt
    • Test your hypertension knowledge
  • Medications for hypertension

    Working closely with your doctor

  • Closing

    Positive steps to make real change

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