What you'll learn

  • Solve business problems and make better decisions through creative thinking
  • Gain practical tools for incorporating creative thinking into day-to-day processes
  • Harness your team’s collective abilities to produce innovative solutions and strategies
  • Approach organizational challenges with greater confidence, and achieve better results
  • Learn how to implement and manage the creative process across all domains

Course description

The most successful executives are inspiring leaders, smart strategists—and creative thinkers. Across every business function, creativity is central to solving complex problems, developing new strategies, facilitating innovation, and driving change within the organization.

This online program focuses on how to build a competitive advantage by fostering a creative culture that sparks inspiration, collaboration, and innovation. As you examine the creative process at work, you will learn how to approach complex business problems with greater creativity and innovation. This online offering also features a team exercise that puts your new skills and creative mindset to the test.

Note: The online version of Creative Thinking: Innovative Solutions to Complex Challenges will be delivered in its entirety over four days (3.5 hours online per day).

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