What you'll learn

  • Stages in the lifecycle of a turnaround

  • Organization and culture

  • Financial revitalization

  • Strategy: Defining a new direction

  • Leadership in times of transition

Course description

Given today's turbulent environment, business leaders are seeking a new path to success for their companies. But while many firms talk about transforming themselves around current trends such as digitization and remote work, most struggle when it comes to actually executing a transformation.

If your company is at an inflection point, how do you proceed? Will your business be held back by old ways of thinking or is it willing to embrace new frontiers? Will your company be static and hesitant in the face of a changing environment or is it agile and willing to transform?

In this program, you will explore the multiple dimensions of corporate revitalization, including strategy, finance, organization, culture, and the leader’s role. Whether your company seeks to maximize and fulfill its potential or requires radical intervention, you will develop and strengthen your ability to address major corporate challenges proactively, make the right strategic moves, and lead a revitalization effort that establishes a firm foundation for growth.

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