What you'll learn

  • Break cognitive fixedness and approach problems with a new mindset that integrates creative problem-solving and management
  • Develop an innovation toolkit, and determine when to apply design thinking frameworks, tools, and exercises to your own strategic initiatives
  • Practice empathy and apply human-centered design through techniques such as ideation, prototyping, user journey mapping, and analyzing mental models
  • Assess group dynamics and maximize your team’s potential for developing and iterating prototypes and managing the implementation of new designs
  • Understand how leaders can create the optimal environment and team dynamics to guide innovation and collaboration
  • Put design thinking into action by collaborating with peers from a wide range of professional experiences and backgrounds

Course description

Design Thinking and Innovation, through Harvard Business School (HBS) Online, equips current and aspiring innovation managers with the design thinking principles and innovative problem-solving tools to solve business challenges and guide their organization’s strategy. The course features five weeks of course content and two weeks of cohort project work, enabling the opportunity to put learning into practice. Leaders interviewed include Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, Royal Philips CEO Frans van Houten, and T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, among others. Participants will walk away with an innovation toolkit of frameworks and exercises for identifying business opportunities and generating possible solutions for their organization’s initiatives.


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