What you'll learn

  • Examine the connection between a healthy lifestyle and its impact on disease and chronic conditions 
  • Apply the five-step collaborative cycle to motivate and empower clients to adopt and sustain healthy behavioral patterns 
  • Identify evidence-based guidelines for healthy eating patterns and explain why certain foods are health-promoting 
  • Understand the six pillars of lifestyle medicine and explain their dependencies on one another to achieve sustained wellness 
  • Create a plan for behavioral change that begins a joyful journey to adopt and sustain healthy practices through all life stages 
  • Apply a growth mindset, self-compassion, and internal motivators to implement a plan for sustained behavioral change

Course description

The demand for accurate nutrition guidance from experienced coaches is increasing as populations age and our understanding of healthy living and eating grows. Lifestyle medicine—the evidence-based practice of helping people adopt and sustain healthy behaviors, such as improving diet, increasing activity, managing stress and sleeping well—drives the need for comprehensive patient support as both a preventative measure and treatment option. Health coaches, nutritionists and lifestyle trainers have a bright opportunity to improve their credentials and confidence and coach clients and patients with uniquely personalized plans. Learn lifestyle coaching methods that influence behavioral change and support healthy choices. Examine the six pillars of lifestyle medicine to develop evidence-based nutrition plans and motivate lifestyle changes.


  • Program Director; Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School; Board of Directors Member, American College of Lifestyle Medicine
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