What you'll learn

  • Become your organization's top resource for human capital strategy
  • Collaborate with your C-suite, board of directors, and senior leadership team
  • Enable the successful execution of your organization's strategy
  • Anticipate, diagnose, and mitigate problems that arise in a growing organization
  • Diagnose and address problems in service or business performance
  • Strengthen leadership and teamwork capabilities

Course description

Top companies manage their human capital as strategically as their financial capital—and bring their human resources leaders into the strategic decision-making process. This HR leadership program prepares you to apply your human capital insights to discussions with C-suite executives on strategic opportunities and direction, performance improvement, and competitive threats. You will return to your organization with the expertise and confidence to recommend bold moves and create business value.

In this human resources leadership program, you will move beyond talent management to engage fully in every aspect of senior leadership discussions. As you analyze the core business challenges and opportunities that arise in typical executive committee meetings, you will improve your ability to build and implement strategic initiatives that empower your organization to compete, grow, and thrive.

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