What you'll learn

  • Learn the foundations behind secular mindfulness within Buddhist meditation traditions, gaining an experiential grounding in the practices themselves

  • Learn how traditional Buddhist ideas and practices complement, enhance, and apply to campus-based mindfulness interventions, and young adult formation and development

  • Integrate diverse contemplative and ethical Buddhist practices of care with wellness, clinical, and other interventions on college campuses

  • Explore when and how particular mindfulness interventions may be adapted to (or contraindicated by) other mental health considerations or the student’s religious or spiritual tradition.

Course description

This 3.5-day in-person program teaches college and university mental health and wellness professionals how to use resources derived from Buddhist ideas, techniques, and traditions to address mental health issues on campus.


Offered by the faculty and alumni of Harvard Divinity School and led by deeply experienced Buddhist lay and monastic instructors, the curriculum interweaves didactic lectures and in-depth discussions of applicable Buddhist history and theory with guided meditation sessions and practical applications of meditation techniques. This integrated program is a hallmark of Buddhist pedagogy that ensures participants opportunities to develop insight through listening and reading, dialogue and reflection, and through the direct experience of practice. Participants of any religious tradition or none are welcome, including those with no prior experience in meditation.


The program seeks applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and roles, including those both inside and outside traditional college counseling centers. It is designed to amplify the work of psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, and other wellness and mental health staff.

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