What you'll learn

  • Understanding the realities of innovation
  • Developing a leadership approach that fosters innovation
  • Transforming innovative ideas into reality
  • Creating structures that support innovation in your organization
  • Instilling habits that can unleash creative potential throughout your organization

Course description

As digital disruption accelerates, companies across all industries need more leaders who can build and motivate creative teams, leverage emerging technologies, and innovate again and again. But fostering innovation requires much more than a vision and direction from the top. This lab-style leadership program immerses you in every stage of the innovation process. You'll roll up your sleeves and experience first-hand what it really takes to build a collaborative culture that encourages idea sharing and creativity. You will return to your company ready to foster the incremental and breakthrough innovations that will drive your company's competitive advantage, growth, and performance.

This hands-on program takes place in a unique learning space very different from a typical classroom. Here you will immerse yourself in the real-world process of exploration, experimentation, failure, and examination. You will discover new ways to surface and develop ideas—and set the stage for ongoing innovation. As you dig into the characteristics of innovative organizations, you will learn what it takes to lead the changes that transform promising ideas into reality.

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