What you'll learn

  • Understanding the roadblocks to change
  • Building an organizational architecture to encourage managerial problem-solving
  • Designing service excellence
  • Becoming an ambidextrous organization
  • Sourcing knowledge through open innovation
  • Enabling innovation through strategy and execution

Course description

Market-leading organizations must constantly innovate, adjust to new business conditions, and seize opportunities before competitors do. Focused on leading organizational change, this program explores how to create a nimble organization that balances innovation with performance—and experimentation with financial stability. You will return to your company prepared to build change strategies that inspire organizational change and drive corporate success.

Delving into the challenges of leading and managing change, this program prepares you to drive organizational evolution and innovation as the business environment rapidly evolves. You will gain new insight into the strategies used by top global companies to eliminate roadblocks to change—and improve your ability to become an effective agent of corporate change and organizational renewal.

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